Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nosound - A Sense Of Loss

Nosound inventively combines influences from ’70s psychedelia,’80s/’90s ambient and contemporary alternative, post and progressive rock. In July 2008 the band signed to post-progressive label Kscope/Snapper.
The new third Nosound album A Sense Of Loss is to be released on Kscope/Snapper on October 26th 2009 (available now for pre-order with limited signed postcard), again in a deluxe 2 disc edition including a DVD containing 5.1 surround, 24bit mixes, a different “long guitar solo” version of a song, music video and video footage, picture gallery and more.

The project was started as a one man studio project in late 2002 by Giancarlo Erra, but has since become a band in studio and live performances. Music is evocative and intense, with personal songwriting. Influences go from Pink Floyd to Brian Eno, from Porcupine Tree to Sigur Ros, passing through rock, electronic/ambient and postrock.Official debut album (‘Sol29’) was released the first quarter of 2005, followed in 2006 by a live Dvd (‘The World is Outside’) containing also unreleased material. A new live was issued in the first half of 2007 (‘Slow, it goes’). Anticipating the new album was then released an exclusive Ep (‘Clouds’), containing three out takes from new album recording sessions.
Three years on from debut album Sol29, Nosound returns with its highly anticipated second album, ‘Lightdark’, released through the Burning Shed label.

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1. Some Warmth Into This Chill
2. Fading Silently
3. Tender Claim
4. My Apology
5. Constant Contrast
6. Winter Will Come


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