Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Boris - Scion A-V Remix - Buzz-In

Boris is a Japanese musical group, known for their genre-hopping in between and on records. As of 2008, personnel are drummer/vocalist Atsuo, bassist/guitarist/vocalist Takeshi, and guitarist/vocalist Wata. Though rooted mostly in the hard rock and heavy metal genres, Boris music can be wildly diverse and experimental.

Boris take their name from a song on the The Melvins' Bullhead, and released their first album Absolutego on their own label, Fangs Anal Satan. Since then, they have released 17 studio albums (including such acclaimed works as Pink and Heavy Rocks), a number of EPs, 7" singles, and full-length collaborative recordings, on various record labels around the world.

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1. Buzz in (Todd Edwards Remix)
2. Buzz in (Mixhell Remix)
3. Buzz in (Optimo Remix)
4. Buzz in (Nosaij Thing Remix)

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