Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gäa - Auf der Bahn zum Uranus

Nothing is known about this obscure and classic band, except their sole album released on the rare and sought after Kerston label. Gäa were a typically cosmic Krautrock band, who like Mythos or Virus, infused their Teutonic art with lots of guitars, keyboards and much in the way of Pink Floyd styling. With enigmatic lyrics in German, lengthy largely instrumental tracks with all the classic moves, spaced-out organs - the works - “On the way to Uranus” is a magical album, a Krautrock classic!

(Taken from

1. Uranus
2. Bossa Rustical
3. Tanz mit dem Mond
4. Mutter Erde
5. Welt im Dunkel
6. Gäa

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