Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Subaudition - Discography

Subaudition was founded in spring 2003 as a sideproject to our prog metal/rock band Manifold Object, because after two years with MO the two of us wanted to create music which would be realised with totally different methods compared to our previous compositions. The project started as an acoustic one, but we ended up including some electric guitars and keyboards to some of the songs as well. We really took our time with the debut demo, Waves at Ease, as we were also taking our matriculation exams at the same time. After that we were just plain lazy to release the stuff and in July ‘03 we started to do our duties in the Finnish military.

In September Antti decided to leave Manifold Object mostly due to lack of time (army and forthcoming university studies) and he also felt that Manifold wasn’t heading in the direction he’d have wanted. Finally, in October we activated ourselves to create a suitable artwork for our debut-release and in December it was unleashed to the still unexpecting crowd…

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Subaudition - The Scope

1. Raindrops
2. The Blue Light
3. No Angel
4. Blinking In The Piers
5. Moods Through Spirals
6. A Golden Staircase
7. Fractures
8. Counterwise
9. Godspeed


Subaudition - Light on the Path

1. Alms Of The Sun
2. Sínne
3. Now That We've Spent All The Light
4. Feathers Fall
5. The Soul Unto Aether
6. Human Abstract
7. Wall Of Water


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