Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Begotten - Grave Wax

The 1st Demo "Grave Wax" should be finished tonight. im going to be putting together 10 of these by hand as the first pressing. may end up doing a few cassettes as well.
Artwork & Tracklisting will be announced shortly. for now you an hear most of the songs on the myspace.
Once war is released i will most likely be rearranging a few of the songs as well as finishing other ones for the 2nd DEMO/EP which will be titled "War in Heaven, Hell on Earth"
the production will be significantly better on "War in Heaven, Hell on Earth" as "Grave Wax" merely serves as a way to let these songs get a breath of rotten air, and of course to show the origins of this project.
I hope you enjoy, sit back, smoke a joint, throw some headphones on and let it wash over you...

This is the only written words I found on myspace directly coming from Stolas about his black metal project The Begotten. Grave Wax is his first demo which was free to download from myspace. It's a nice mix of diverse black metal styles and I guess this project could be really awesome in the future. Enjoy the demo!

1. Je Vous Demande Le Dtroit De Mourir
2. High & Rotting Cold Creator
3. Black Flowers Bloom
4. The Sound of Flowing Wrists
5. Angel of Hostility


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