Thursday, February 11, 2010

Alpinist - Minus.Mensch

Alpinist is a Neocrust four-piece band from Münster, GERMANY.

They exist since winter 2006 and live from the experiences their members made playing in bands from death metal to punkrock.

alpinist is meant to be understood by
those who are sick of people following musical trends
those who wanna live out music with dedication
and those who believe in expressing their own ideals with their own art.

(Taken from

1. Nighttime Poet Daytime Dead
2. Schalterhygiene
3. A is for Army of Slaves
4. Rost
5. Zweite Klasse Bahnabteil
6. Amuse Yourself to Death
7. Delta Flood of Ignorance
8. The Charme of Dominating
9. From Groveling to Running in less than a Second
10. This Song will not save your Life
11. Outro

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