Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ikuinen Kaamos - Fall Of Icons

Ikuinen Kaamos are a metal band from Joensuu, Finland. Formed in 1997, they released four demos in the years 1997 - 2004 which are mainly directed to the underground black metal scene. The bands current style begins to take shape in the later demos as Ikuinen Kaamos start to soak up influences from death, doom and progressive metal.

In 2005, Ikuinen Kaamos signed a record deal with the Dutch label Descent Productions and as a result, release their debut album “The Forlorn” in 2006. It is an ambitious release that captures the passion and creativity of Ikuinen Kaamos. The lyrical concept is based upon the story of an old man who murdered his wife and child decades ago, and who now struggles with faith and guilt. Spiraling riffs and progressive rhythms alternating from high-speed passages to acoustic interludes merge with a sepulchral voice to drown the listener deeper and deeper into a timeless emotional abyss. “The Forlorn” is a unique album that captivates from the beginning to the end.

In 2007, Ikuinen Kaamos record their sophomore album which is due to be released in January 2008. After repeated delays in releasing the album, their old label informs the band of their eventual inability to release it due to financial issues. Fed up and tired of letting their impatient fans wait for new musical outputs, the band decides to release three songs from the album as a free downloadable EP entitled “Closure”. It incorporates more progressive elements while maintaining the utterly melancholic atmosphere for which Ikuinen Kaamos are known for. The EP introduces clean vocals which support a wider range of extreme vocals in their lament.

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1. Indoctrination Of The Lost
2. Statues
3. In Ruins
4. Condemned
5. Apart


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