Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dolcim - Guillotine Ride

As all screamo enthusiasts know, Dolcim contain two members that were in Cease Upon The Capitol, and the band formed pretty much as soon as CUTC broke up. I'm not a great fan of CUTC to be honest, I bought their records and I think I went through a period of thinking they were pretty great, but then I just got bored by them - they became below standard screamo to me. Even when I saw them at Trashfest a couple of years back I wasn't impressed. This is a pretty harsh start to the review, and I do still have their 7'' End Of History which I really like. But the point is that when I saw that Dolcim had formed I wasn't that bothered - I didn't expect much from them.

Fast forward a bit... when I finally got round to listening to them I was pleasantly surprised. And though it then still took me ages to get their demo, when I did a few weeks back I found it to be most fucking excellent. Three songs of awesome screamo still somewhat in the style of CUTC but new elements that made me enjoy it immensely. It's nothing out of the ordinary, but it is screamo done very well.

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1. Alvin Has Left The Building
2. Dolcim Twins Vs Olsen Twins
3. Marriage Is The Leading Cause Of Divorce
4. Brosef Stalin
5. Kiss My Grits 
6. Oedipus Complex With Mother Nature
7. H.M.S. Beagle
8. And So The Martyr Says, "Over My Dead Body!"
9. Senior Citizen's Kane 
10. Noah's Ark Was An Orgy
11. #7


  1. I just gotta tell you, CoR, that I haven't had a single successful DL with that Rghost site, no matter how many times I try.

  2. Hm that's good to know sir. Will check this. I just heard from some people that they had problems with the speed. Cheers mate. I hope you got it via mediafire?