Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Windmills by the Ocean - Windmills by the Ocean

Windmills by the Ocean is the title of a recently unearthed recording from August 2003, the sole output of Boston natives Mike Davis, Dave Dunbar, Brooke Gillespie, Bryant Clifford Meyer and Thos Niles. Since the project’s beginning and end, the creators have continued on in such bands as 27, ANODYNE, ISIS, and RED SPAROWES, but the relevancy of this intense recording can be most appreciated now, three years after it’s conception. The variety and depth to this (mostly) instrumental music documentation reaches far beyond those of any mere side-project, and the heavy-music genres are in dire need of something this refreshing.

These rock-based songs incorporate so many elements of “drone” the group could almost reside next to their celestial forefathers Sunn O))) and Earth, except with more melody… and drums. However, the usage of keyboard and electronic elements alongside several guitars make the album more comparable to Sigur Ros than Black Sabbath, but without compromising any of the heavy metal elements the members have become most-known for. The additional usage of improvisation and mild repetition allows the listener to relax into a slow headbang across five songs that each surpass the six-minute mark. But what makes this album most impressive is the triumphant, anthemic feel to it, especially considering the group never even made it to the live setting.

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I stumbled over this gem again in the last days when I took a look at my records once again. A nice sidekick featuring members of ISIS. There are some drone elements, yeah, but it most likely sounds like a good mix of progressive sludge featuring post-rock. When you don't have that one allready give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

1. Undecided
2. Blasphemy
3. I try
4. Disintegrating
5. Blood on our Souls

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