Sunday, February 7, 2010

Aderlating - Dying of the Light

Aderlating is a side project of the man behind Gnaw their Tongues.
Live the band consists of Mories: noises/voices/drums and Erik (mowlawner) on noises and voices.
In 2009 the band played a gig (almost) every month including the Roadburn Festival (Tilburg, Holland) and the APEX III fest in New York City (nov 2000).

The debut album titled “The nectar of perversity springs from the well of repression” came out (on Shadowgraph records) in february of 2009 and is limited at 200 copies.

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I personally rate this project of Mories even a bit higher as Gnaw Their Tongues due to the fact that his Aderlating stuff got more drone on it and sounds much harsher then GTT. Enjoy this new EP from 2010.

1. Dying of the Light
2. Soul Harvest
3. A Slow Exit
4. Flood

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