Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cursed - The Last Session

Cursed was a hardcore punk band from Ontario, Canada, formed in 2001. The band released records on Boston’s Deathwish Records and Ontario’s Goodfellow Records. Cursed was comprised of ex-members of Toronto heavy weights Left for Dead, The Swarm, Ruination, Ire, and Haymaker. Renowned for being “the loudest band ever” They broke up in 2008 on the last day of tour in Europe, after a break-in resulting in all of the tour’s money being stolen. After years of bad luck and similar situations, that was the final straw. Members went on to form Burning Love, Mature Situations, Crux of Aux and Quest For Fire.

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Hardcore punk ain't that right, Cursed also put's a lot of sludge elements into their music. This are the final four songs, released more then one year after the split after the Prague show. Enjoy it guys.

1. Reparations
2. Promised Land / Polygraph
3. Antihero Resuscitator
4. Into the Hive

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