Monday, February 8, 2010

De Magia Veterum - Spikes through Eyes / The Bloods of Prophets and Saints

Coming from the Drachten region of the Netherlands, De Magia Veterum is a one man avante-garde black metal/black metal band created by Mories of Gnaw Their Tongues. Lyrical themes include the Old testament, mysticism and misanthropy.

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To finish the journey through the perverted and black mind of Mories I put up two records from his third project De Magia Veterum. Expect the same deal as Gnaw Their Tongues, just with more black metal then drone. Good stuff for erveryone who likes his avantgarde works. Enjoy!

Spikes through Eyes
1. Lifting the Bridal Veil from Misanthropy
2. The Futility of Creation
3. To Crawl ashore Salvation
4. Fleshwound Revelations
5. The Meek shall  inherit the scorched Earth
6. A Nightmare Existence forever

The Bloods of Prophets and Saints
1. A Prison of every unclean Spirit
2. Defying Mortality
3. The Bloods of Prophets and Saints
4. The Whore of Babylon
5. Thrown to the Lions

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