Thursday, February 25, 2010

Defeatist - Sixth Extinction

Defeatist is a New York City, NY-based grindcore band formed from the ashes of technical metal acts Kalibas & Anodyne who play a notably less refined, yet significantly more vital & abrasive brand of grind-punk. Vocalist Aaron Nichols describes the group as “three cranky old dudes who spend their free time playing blast beats in a room that smells like a dead bum’s ass.”

Defeatist play raw, angry, socially & politically aware crust-tinged grindcore in the vein of latter-wave grind acts like Discordance Axis, Kill the Client and later-era Insect Warfare.

At present, the band has released 3 EPs (the Mechanisms of Sanctimonious Filth split w/ KURSK, the In Praise of False Hope EP, and the Thanatonic State EP, all released in 2007), with scheduling & finances prohibiting more prolific recording. Willowtip Records has agreed to release a full-length from the band, which is being recorded with producer/engineer Colin Marston.

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New Defeatist fresh from 2010, enjoy your grind!

1. Heresy Delusion
2. Fall In Line
3. Dawn Of No Light
4. Malice Engine
5. Without Will
6. Death Holds Her Brood
7. Drained
8. Ways Of weakness
9. Extinction Throne
10. Man's Inhumanity To Man
11. Warning
12. Storm Of Silence
13. Petit Mort
14. Diseased Mind
15. Filth Procession
16. Falter
17. Supplicant
18. Stab Of Betrayal
19. Xtul

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