Friday, February 19, 2010

Trap Them - Seance Prime

Trap Them is a band from Salem, New Hampshire. They began as a side project for vocalist Ryan Mckenney (Backstabbers Inc.) and guitarist Brian Izzi (December Wolves). Since forming they have released two albums, Sleepwell Deconstructer and Seizures in Barren Praise, and three EPs, Cunt Heir to the Throne, Séance Prime and Split with Extreme Noise Terror. Anyone digging the 90’s swedish deathsound from the Sunlight studio should have a go at this.

(Taken from

1. Day Thirteen - The Protest Hour
2. Day Fourteen - Pulse Mavens
3. Day Fifteen - CitizeNihilist
4. Day Sixteen - The Iconflict
5. Day Seventeen - Wafers and Wine of Sandblast Times

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