Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Ethic / I Have Dreams / A New Kind Of American Saint

This is the story of one band from Tallahassee, Florida. The most well-known incarnation is probably the screamo outfit I Have Dreams, a band that was born from the ashes of New Ethic, when their guitar player Daniel died in a car accident.
“It was an attempt to cope with the pain everyone was feeling after Daniel’s death.”
New Ethic played their last show in August, 1998 with Daniel’s best friend Mike Hanson in his place, and it was about a month or two later that I Have Dreams started playing.
After I Have Dreams broke up, a new band called A New Kind Of American Saint was founded, which then played something I like to call "hardcore done right": short, aggressive and fun songs, with breakdowns used exactly the right way.

The three bands' released material combined lasts about 33 minutes, but these are definitely 33 well-invested minutes for every hardcore/screamo enthusiast. Oh, and do not expect a good sound quality. I Have Dreams seem to have went with the same recorders Ulver have used for their ultimate lo-fi sound on Nattens Madrigal.

(Taken from Tallahassee Music Scene and my brain)

New Ethic - Summer Demo '98
1. Dragon Slayer
2. Miracle Song
3. Never Give In

I Have Dreams - Three Days Til' Christmas

1. Three Days Til' Christmas
2. Countless Rooftops
3. In Good Hands
4. New Song (I Don't Imagine You and I Anymore)
5. Thank you so much for having the courage to help a friend change his life for the better

A New Kind Of American Saint - Take A Shit

1. Don't Let These Tight Pants Fool You, I'm All Heart Motherfucker
2. Interlude
3. There's Only One Rule In This Town (A.K.A. Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Mosh's Door)
4. Jesus Wasn't Straight Edge, but I Am

A New Kind Of American Saint - (unreleased) Split w/ Poison the Well
1. If it ain't shit, it ain't shit
2. The War Is Coming
3. Dont let these tight pants fool you...(alt version)

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