Monday, February 22, 2010

Kylie Minoise - Junky Erotica

Lea Cummings is a English musician and artist best known under the alias Kylie Minoise.

Born in September 1974 in Lancaster and currently based in Glasgow, Cummings was the bassist for hardcore rock trio Phobophilia for some years before forming Opaque in 1997. An ever changing unit with Cummings as the only constant, the unit built up an extensive discography, culminating with the release of the New Ways To Criticise CD in 2004 and a full European tour in July of that year. Their live performances could polarise opinion, with one particularly volatile show captured on the Live In Dundee 28.11.02 EP; an audience member disliked the group so much that he unplugged one of the amplifiers.

(Read the whole story at wikipedia)

Noise is a critical thing when it comes to music. Loads of noise fanatics love it for the structure and the chilling atmosphere that comes up when you listen to noise a couple of minutes. But more or less most people thing that noise is just a bunch of wildly and poor produced tunes rearrengend with a lot of distortion. Give this nice puppy of noise and drone a little spin and take a cup of noise. Maybe you will you like it.

1. Glittering Sewer
2. Vintage Car Bondage!
3. Ex-Rentboy turned religious Maniac
4. Heart protrusion
5. Transvestite Bodybuilder Murder!
6. Painful Diving-Board Head Split!
7. When Towns go mad
8. Until the Group...

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