Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ghosts of Breslau - Peste

Breslau was the German name of Wroclaw, a city in southwestern Poland, Lower Silesia. Since the beginnig Wroclaw was multicultural town, where Poles, Germans, Czechs, Jews and many more nations lived together - sometimes peacefully, sometimes not. Throughout history Wroclaw was Polish, German, Czech and Austrian. The influences of all cultures are still visible. The 20th century and especially the events of both World Wars left strong marks in the spirit of this city. Ghosts of the past are still present here. Ghosts of Breslau. In their music GoB try to capture the unique soul of this city and madness of the totalitarian ideologies.

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From time to time I quite enjoy a little bit of martial industrial. This project crossed my ways last week when I was listenning to Triarii. The name sounded interresting so I got some of his stuff and I wasn't disappointed of it. If any one cares for this music leave a shout and I will upload more of his works.

1. Before the Autumn Storm
2. Let loose Werewolves
3. Der Sieg
4. Peste I
5. Der Gott war nicht mit uns
6. Feuertaufe
7. Peste II
8. Monsters
9. Peste III
10. Sleep when we're dead

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