Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sturmast - Ibis Redibis Nunquam In Bello Peribis (FLAC)

Hungarian martial industrial/neofolk/military folk band. Sturmast plays a unique kind of folk influenced martial industrial music. Far from being an instrumental one-man computer band putting some classical loops and battle sounds together, Sturmast is a collective fronted by Varga Gabor. Here real musicians play real instruments, thus introducing the good old band-feeling to the martial industrial scene. The music contains powerful, eruptive live drums (toms, snare, bass drum), haunting violin and cello, acoustic guitar, and a selection of traditional folk instruments (e.g. kaval, jaw harp). Even the keyboards are “live” recorded in some ways, and a considerable part of the samples and special effects are made by the band itself. Absorbing atmosphere links the compositions which vary from hypnotic monotonous to marching repetitive, from moody experimental to beautiful, melancholy-filled delicate. The lyrics, portraying the fight of the historic and modern, spiritual and secular, uplifting and ill-fated, are mostly in Hungarian.


[Cold Meat Industry / 2007 / Martial Industrial / v0 + flac]

1 Solum Ipsum 5:08
2 My Prayer Is My Inner Armour 4:01
3 Kraft 4:13
4 The Big Play 6:03
5 For Everyone Circus And Bread! 4:41
6 Veni Vidi Vici 4:54
7 The Regiment Is Departing 6:33

flac I II

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