Saturday, April 17, 2010

Stephen O'Malley & Z'ev - Magistral

"Yet another Sunn 0))) related project, once again it's Stephen
O'Malley, who here is teamed up with legendary percussionist Z'ev
as Magistral. But this is way more high concept that just some old
fashioned drum / guitar jam, instead, O'Malley recorded a guitar
solo, 8 minutes and 42 seconds long to bee precise, and Z'ev then
took those recordings and worked them over, according to the liner
notes he was responsible for "renderings, recodings, percussion
and submixes". Not sure what he did, or how he did it, but maybe
there are some clues in the confusing ultra technical song titles:
"6m 59s From Last 42s Left Channel Only - 26 Track Submix", "13m
48s From 34s From 5m - 5m 34s - 20 Track Submix"... okay maybe
not. Regardless, this is an amazing disc of abstract soundscaping
and stretched out blackened ambience. It's difficult to pick out
any remaining bits of guitar actually, as Z'ev has rendered them
completely indistinct, a wash of crumbling distortion, long
expanses of grind and scrape, strange high end shimmer over
haunting metallic oscillations, creepy burblings and black sonic
ooze, what sounds like workmen hammering on air conditioning ducts
across the street, and thick glacial flows of molten low end
rumble. The sound reminds us quite a bit of the most tranquil Wolf
Eyes moments, a sort of austere, slightly industrial landscape of
barren sound, especially the final track, where Z'ev finally joins
in with the tribal percussion, transforming a buzzing drone into
some sort of haunting pagan ritual.
Packaged in a swank mini gatefold sleeve with the usual spiffy
design by Mr. O'Malley himself."

Limited to 2000 copies.
I posted a nother of his solo works yesterday and felt like a bit more drone this night. If it's your cup then take one. Enjoy!

[ Southern Lord / 2007 / Drone / VBR ]

01. 6m 59s From Last 42s Left Channel Only - 26 Track Submix (07:00)
02. 13m 48s From 34s From 5m - 5m 34s - 20 Track Submix (13:48)
03. 6m 7s From 36s From 6m 53s - 7m 27s - 34 Track Submix (06:08)
04. 14m 10s From 1m From 22s - 1m 22s - 28 Track Submix (14:11)
05. 8m 39s From 1m 18s From 4m 55s - 6m 13s - 18 Track Submix (08:39)

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