Friday, April 16, 2010

Stephen O'Malley & Attila Csihar - 6°FSkyquake

6°Fskyquake is an audio composition designed in 2001 but explored conjunction with the american sculptor Banks Violette's solo shows in summer 2007. Actually, two shows at two different galleries, Barbara Gladstone & Team, running simultaneously for the duration. The interaction of sound and Violette's work revisited concepts touched in prior collaboration of loss, absence, residual energy of a missed evocative experience.
The composition was captured at a recording session during the installation process in Team gallery, and later transfered to Gladstone as recorded playback in the public. Designed for 3 separate systems consisting of powered 18" subwoofers and PA tops, the composition runs a total of 8 hours and 35 minutes.
This room recording represents a possible stereo interpretation of a portion of that work.
The fifth collaboration between Stephen O'Malley & Banks Violette circulated amongst the main theme of sound as physical presence. Sound pressure in substantial space, relative dimension between concrete & perceptual mass, gravity induced by heightened sonic action and standing sub bass pressure. The contribution of lyrics, text & vocals by Attila Csihar inspired by his journeys inside imperial Tokyo bring emotive & meditative identity to the otherwise purely structural composition. For this we shall be blessed.
The ghost of presence subsists across physical space, the phantom of absence across linear finite, the shadow of mass via memories. What once was.

*500 COPIES ONLY FOR THE WORLD!* The third release in the eMego Demand series finds label boss Peter Rehberg calling upon his KTL cohort Stephen O'Malley for a contribution. The SunnO))) and Southern Lord head boy teamed up with Hungarian vocalist & lyricist Attila Csihar as part of a soundtrack to a gallery work by sculptor Banks Violette, producing the composition 6°Fskyquake, which in total runs to a whopping eight hours and thirty-five minutes, though you'll be relieved to hear that this disc only represents a portion of that duration (only just exceeding the half-hour mark). This disc is a site recording of the installation, focusing on the idea of sound as a physical presence. This was manifested in the gallery by eighteen-inch subwoofers pumping out pressurized, oppressive sound waves while Csihar suppliedd a more human component, bolstered by occasional outbreaks of guitar erupting from the otherwise still, unwavering tonal landscape. To get the most out of this droning monolith of a piece, you'd be advised to crank the bottom end as far as possible, and as tends to be the case with O'Malley-related projects, ceremonial robes are optional but preferred for optimized listening. Limited to just 500 copies, and very highly recommended...

This is for everyone who is intro drone and it's structures. You don't come round all this O'Malley solo stuff that often, so take a peek if you like to.

[ eMego / 2008 / Drone / CBR@320 ]

01. 6°FSkyquake


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