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Circle Of Ouroborus & Crooked Necks - Ruins Of Resurrection

Circle of Ouroborus is an experimental black metal band from Finland, formed by Antti Klemi and Rauta in 2004. The band’s sound is characterized by lo-fi production, unusual use of clean vocals and sometimes entirely acoustic releases that have very little in common with black metal. Sadness and nature themes seem to be prevalent in their music. While particular influences on their work seem unclear there seems to be an obvious influence of Joy Division, as they covered this band’s classic “She’s Lost Control” on their debut album. They’ve released numerous demos and three full-length albums, as well as splits with Urfaust and Nuit Noire.

The Ouroboros is an ancient symbol that depicts a serpent swallowing its own tail and forming a circle. It has been used to represent many things, but it most generally symbolizes the ideas of cyclic existence or infinity.

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Lots of changes to update everyone with.

First off, we've decided to changed our name from "Frail" to "Crooked Necks". This change was decided upon for several reasons, with the main one being the sheer amount of other bands that use the name Frail (in some form or fashion). We feel this is a natural, albeit necessary change for us although our vision will remain intact.

Also, we've completed work on the full-length. The title is "Alright is exactly what it isn't" and is planned for release in early '10 on Sunbox (a new and very interesting label that will debuting releases early next year). We've updated the page with a new track from the release. Check it out and feel free to let us know any opinions, etc.

Finally, the split release with Circle of Ouroborus will be released in the coming months. It was delayed due to our recent changes as we wanted the release the reflect this. We have also nearly completed work on the material for an upcoming EP and will begin writing and recording material for a upcoming split with IMPLODES in the coming weeks as well.

More updates soon...

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Well yeah, at first sorry, I haven't found much about Crooked Necks on the net so far. This split is sweat, mostly the Circle Of Ouroborus stuff is amazing. I discovered them through another split they recorded together with Urfaust. It could be described as a mixture of lo-fi production meeting black metal and a good cup of post-punkish influences with mostly clear vocals. It's hard to describe, but the music is really awesome! Enjoy!

[ Cocainacopia / 2010 / Black Metal / VBR ]
Circle Of Ouroborus:
1. Ideals In Rust 03:22
2. Rhythm Of The Spring 02:57
3. The Resurrection 03:54
4. Gate Of Unlight 03:53
5. Rebirth 01:38
6. When The Divine Eye Sleeps 06:01
Crooked Necks:
7. Poisoning The Seed 04:55
8. Time Of Disaster 03:44
9. Ruining You 05:22
10. It Bleeds From My Mouth 03:13
11. Nothing Was Ever There 06:03

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