Friday, April 23, 2010

Dark Castle - Spirited Migration

Florida’s sludge two-piece Dark Castle first appeared in 2008 with an elaborately packaged self-released demo (Flight of the Pegasus) that garned a good deal of favorable attention from the metal press and other bands (including Relapse Records’ Minsk).

It is easy to see why this unsigned band turned so many heads, as there are several obvious elements that separate them from their peers. In an extreme rarity in metal genres, most of the guitar and vocal work is handled by a woman, Stevie Floyd.
Also, the band has the distinction of having no bass player (nor bass in any of their recordings), which is strikingly ballsy in a genre that is so intimately associated with low-frequency amplifier worship.

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I saw them live two days ago with Eyehategod, Kylesa and YOB and instantly fell in love with them. The singer and guitarist Stevie Floyd is a fucking hot chick. Check it out if you're into Sludge and Doom!


(At A Loss Recordings / 2009 / Sludge/Drone/Doom Metal / 320 kbp/s)

01. Awake In Sleep 6:51
02. Into The Past 5:35
03. Spirited Migration 1:46
04. Growing Slow 4:31
05. Weather The Storm 3:26
06. Flight Beyond 4:14
07. Grasping The Awe 4:12
08. A Depth Returns 6:33



  1. The world is indebted to you for your unwavering dedication toward maintaining the grand ideal that women should only be seen as sex objects.

  2. @DieFaelscher, I'm feelin' ya, dawg! I think I first liked 'Awake in Sleep', and thusly found Stevie Floyd is HOT. I mean, it's not sexist (per you fuxx in the above comments); any person is more attractive when they do something of value. Like...CRUSH BELLZ!