Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lebensessenz - Tu, deorum hominumque tyranne, Amor!

My friend Lohmann made me a very special proposal: to create questions that I could answer, about the project Lebensessenz. Emerged in other activities, I needed a time to start something, during a travel, on which I could express better my ideas: a text about it.

There are times that we're with an impulse to create anything, without any pretention to give a continuous path. There are moments that we want to use the art just as a kind of temporary and instantaneous escape. Thus was with me.

In the winter of 2003, in a night, I was improvising notes in a keyboard that I got as a gift on my childhood. And I recorded, on that moment, my first demo. It was not something that I really wanted to stay doing. It was just an expression of a feeling, in solitude’s night. Thus, I called the project as Lebensessenz, because that composition was a part of my life - part of the essence of my life. My first work was created: "Einsamkeit, Hass und Dunkelheit sind meine Lebensessenz" (Solitude, Hate and Darkness are the essence of my life). These were the components of my 17th's years old, when I was doing my first steps with the music. On that time, I have recorded also in cassette some other melodies. Mysteriously, during a night of insomnia, I found these tapes completely destroyed, on the corridor of where I live. Then, I got no chances to hear them again.

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I felt like it's time to introduce some more neo-classical or in this case some sweet piano music to the blog. I bet a lot of people allready know about Lebensessenz. A guy from Brasil recording some very fine stuff. Give this a spin once in a while when you have the need to don't feel all that grim ;)

[ Dunkelheit Produktionen / 2009 / Neo-Classical / CBR@320 ]

01. Farewell Letter (4:28)
02. Über die Brücke der Träume (9:26)
03. Franziskas Brief (3:52)
04. Learning with mistakes (5:39)
05. Tu, deorum hominumque tyranne, Amor (3:59)
06. A nocturnal dolorsalgia (3:59)
07. Farewell Letter II (3:52)
08. Visionen und Erinnerungen aus Wahlheim (4:35)
09. Der Anfang, unsere Geschichte (3:04)
10. Leb' Wohl, Debora! (4:15)

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