Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Camerata Mediolanense - Madrigali

This latest CD from Camerata Mediolanense reflects some new developments in sound and material. Moving away from their folky origins, the new album features the operatic voice of Daniela Badeski accompanied by synths and drums, and employs fuller, neo-classical textures. Although some of the music is by Camerata Mediolanense, all of the texts are provided by some old and some not so old European songs, which are sung in their native German, French and Russian as well as Italian. Material ranges from 'L'Homme Arme', the Fifteenth Century French song (of which the melody was utilised in some 31 Renaissance masses) to 'Lili Marleen', the sentimental wartime hit. The last two tracks are more experimental. 'Taberna' is a soundtrack of café clatter, while 'Madchenlied' is a very busy song cleverly combining numerous layers of musical style.

via Fluxeuropa


[Italy / 1998 / Triton / Modern classical - Medieval / 192kbps]

1 Der Tod 3:50
2 L'Homme Armé 1:38
3 Podmoskovnye Vecera 5:52
4 Madrigale 4:22
5 Canto Di Popolo 4:49
6 Lili Marleen 6:22
7 Taberna 2:17
8 Mädchenlied 4:12


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