Friday, April 23, 2010

Negură Bunget - Virstele Pamintului

Rising from the spirituality of immortal lands, Negură Bunget began their journey through the universe of Black Metal in early 1995. The debut demo, From Transilvanian Forests, was recorded in November 1995, and released under the band’s original name, Wiccan Rede.

Once their conceptual perspective shifted towards the exploration of the universe and spirituality of their ancestors, the band’s name changed to Negură Bunget. The new approach became clearly evident on the debut album, Zirnindu-sa, released by the newly founded Romanian label Bestial Records (late 1996).

December 1998 brought Negură Bunget’s second release, Sala Molksa, a mini-album also released by Bestial Records. The 4 tracks unveil a much more straight-forward sound, complex, aggressive, atmospheric, fast - The Music of Transilvanian Spirituality.

Maiastru sfetnic is the third opus of Negură Bunget. The album was released by Bestial Records in 1999 in a special digipak format (designed and handmade by Negură Bunget). More than 56 minutes, yet only 6 epic tracks, united in haunts, evilness, descent, atmospheres, speed and aggression… displaying the band’s vision on how a Black Metal-based world should have looked like.

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[Code 666 / 2010 / Black Metal / CBR@320 ]

01. Pămînt (06:58)
02. Dacia Hiperboreană (08:52)
03. Umbra (03:31)
04. Ochiul Inimii (08:04)
05. Chei de Rouă (05:51)
06. Ţara de Dincolo de Negură (05:54)
07. Jar (04:29)
08. Arborele Lumii (07:37)
09. Întoarcerea Amurgului (08:21)

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