Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Aderlating - Devotional Hymns

Aderlating is a side project of the man behind Gnaw their Tongues.
Live the band consists of Mories: noises/voices/drums and Erik (mowlawner) on noises and voices.
In 2009 the band played a gig (almost) every month including the Roadburn Festival (Tilburg, Holland) and the APEX III fest in New York City (nov 2009).

The debut album titled “The nectar of perversity springs from the well of repression” came out (on Shadowgraph records) in february of 2009 and is limited at 200 copies.

The full lenght is just out on Shadowgraph Records. This material differs from the first full lenght. The new material is darker, harsher and more bombastic: ranging from choir led blastbeats to low rumbling demon evocation. Also ‘live’ drums are incorporated a lot more.

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So here it is. The second unholy full length album of Mories sideproject Aderlating. Enjoy!

[ Shadowgraph / 2010 / Drone/Noise / CBR@320 ]
01. And thou shall breath Sulfur as last Breath (08:42)
02. Travel the Fog as Death is reaping the Lands (10:57)
03. The shallow Waters of the Styx (07:43)
04. The ravenous Bloodlust of fallen Angels (10:17)
05. Devotional Hymns (12:10)
06. Possession (10:52)


Song II (If you got CRC-Errors)


  1. Track 2 is corrupt :(

  2. Once you guys have downloaded it, listened and liked it, would you kindly buy a copy of the real CD so I can continue releasing new stuff?....Fucking putting me out of business quick


  3. you can listen to the whole release online at bandcamp:

    listen and then come buy a copy. I run a label for the enjoyment of working with artists and making great creations available at a cheap price. I make no fucking money. I am a couple thousand in the hole, always. I accept that as I am doing what I enjoy.

    The artwork is by Mories and is fucking brilliant on a six panel digipak. Fucking buy a copy!

    $10 USD in NA, $13 USD ROW
    Price includes 1st class shipping
    Paypal to