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Aldebaran - Dwellers in Twilight

As unmoving and defiantly poised as an obelisk that has stood firmly against the ages, Aldebaran have risen from the murky substance of the U.S. Doom scene with a blackened fist of chthonic über-Sludge thrust towards the stagnant gut of convention. As slow as the second coming of Christ, Aldebaran's initial offering, 'Dwellers In Twilight', is as heavy and earth-moving as the steady footsteps of the Old Ones themselves.

'Dwellers In Twilight' is unquestionably one of the most uncompromising Doom Metal albums I've ever had the pleasure of being mercilessly pummeled by. The album is firmly rooted between Funeral Doom's lack of forgiveness and Sludge's grooving repetition. The resultant mixture is quite an unnerving elixir, proving that the safety of the middle ground is nothing but a mere illusion.

The clarity of production of 'Dwellers In Twilight' is quite surprising, considering quite a few bands that perform in a similar vein have the unfortunate tendency to envelop their music in a nearly impenetrable cocoon of reverb. Aldebaran buck this trend by applying reverb in flattering amounts, allowing their music to breathe and remain coherent. The music is graciously allowed to speak for itself, though the message may be delivered in some horrific alien tongue.

As one may have expected upon closely reading this review, the influence of one Howard Philips Lovecraft blows like a diseased wind from every pore of 'Dwellers In Twilight', which allows the album to be absorbed more in the context of an intense ritual of unspeakable horror than traditional fare. The guitarwork possesses a dark tonality, low end saturation, and sits prominently in the mix. The drums are quite powerful, and are even more prominent than the guitar. Neither compete with the other for the listener's attention, which is a testament of superior mixing. The vocals are of an insidious caliber. The gutteral musings present within 'Dwellers In Twilight' prove to be the perfect vehicle for the despair and nihilism the instrumentation implies.

Aldebaran have unashamedly perpetrated one of the most crushing albums in recent memory. There is no compromise to be found here - only superior Doom, and in copious amounts. For those in need of an intense aural beating, I can recommend 'Dwellers In Twilight' without hesitation.

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If you ever come to the point when you feel like you need a real hard beating of doom take this album and play it loud on your stereo. Slow, crushing and with a lot of raw power deep down from the guts this 45 minutes will crush you under. Enjoy!

[ Parasitic / 2007 / Doom / VBR ]

01. Beasts at the Throne (07:49)
02. Pillars of Geph (16:01)
03. Sightless and Silent into blackened Gulphs (19:41)

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