Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Aderlating - The Nectar Of Perversity Springs From The Well Of Repression

A quick glance at this, the first release from the strangely named Aderlating, will reveal some very telling clues, the record is called The Nectar Of Perversity Springs From The Well Of Repression, the cover features a terrified figure, clad only in a bit of cloth, cowering from the darkness, and on the other side some sort of ritual that involves a naked woman with burning candles inserted in her ass, laying on an altar in front of mysterious cloaked figures. The songs are titled things like "Cut Off My Penis In Praise Of Black Satan", "Rope, Pig's Blood, Dead Flesh And Two Candles", "Death Knell" and "Doodstorm", so even before we get to the caustic gritty blackened filth on the disc, we're feeling a pretty heavy Gnaw Their Tongues vibe, which makes perfect sense as Aderlating is in fact another project by Gnaw mastermind Mories.

It's a little unclear what differentiates this from a proper Gnaw Their Tongues release, there's plenty of harsh black noise, rumbling mysterious drones, buried riffage and mysterious chanting, creepy almost choral sounding voices, pounding percussion, harsh hissing feedback, crumbling distortion, buzzing black metal guitars smeared into blurred buzzscapes, howling harsh vocals buried in the mix, static, whir, glitch, all doused in effects and buried under layer after layer of distorted noise and noisy distorted. Hell, even sounds like we're describing a GTT record. Fuck it, anyone into Gnaw Their Tongues, you're gonna want this, it could essentially be the new GTT record, the only difference we can hear really, is that it's a little more harsh, a little less orchestral, where GTT employed all sort of almost cabaret like sounds, Aderlating is a much more furiously aggressive and abrasive beast, but even amidst all the white noise and grinding feedback drenched distortion, there lurks all sorts of sonic mystery, be it buried melodies, haunting disembodied voices or fucked up fragmented loops. Needless to say, we dig it. Heavy and harsh and droney and dark and just what we needed to tide us over until the next Gnaw Their Tongues record...

Another project from Mories (Gnaw Their Tongues, De Magia Veterum) which is going into a rougher direction then his main project. A lot of noisy soundscapes and samples mixed with raw black metal parts and atmospheric dark ambient tunes. If you're into harsh, dark and noise blasting black metal / ambient you shoudl grab this record and enjoy.

[ Shadowgraph / 2009 / Drone/Noise / VBR ]

01. Death Knell (07:30)
02. A Circle drawn with Chalk on Wood (11:40)
03. Rope, Pig's Blood, Dead Flesh and two Candles (04:44)
04. Doodstorm (06:51)
05. The Nectar of perversity springs from the Well of Repression (04:54)
06. Cut off my Penis in praise of black Satari (08:16)
07. Geest (05:57)
08. Bleak Bliss (02:32)

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