Thursday, April 29, 2010

Don Vito - III

Don Vito are an intense three-piece from Leipzig in Germany, consisting of a drummer, guitarist and bassist. This may sound like a boring description of any 'normal' band but in the case of Don Vito, it’s far from the truth.
Don Vito are experts in supreme tightness; there is no other band that can make such loud noise with such creativity and step away from using rock instruments ‘traditionally’. The sudden changes of rhythm, playful drum rolls and passionate shrieks leave you thrilled and out of breath. They’re a teaser to the ears, offering complexity, speed and metal-based rollercoasters in 50-secondsong brilliance. Don Vito are the godfathers of storm-lighting noise!
(Liane Escorza, Nightshift Magazine Oxford, UK 2009)

I discovered these guys earlier that year when they took part in the "Exile on Mainstream Blisstrain Tour" together with DYSE and some other bands. Live it's a real blast to the the three girls and guys getting badass on a small stage. Really intense and moving. Enjoy the noisecore energy!

[ Tremor Panda / 2008 / Noisecore / CBR@320 ]

01. 13 (00:38)
02. Electric Mayhem (01:38)
03. Spagorski (00:46)
04. Tak! (01:19)
05. Grausiger Fund (00:52)
06. Hallo Mosquito (01:15)
07. St-029 (02:22)
08. Panzerkreuzer Dori (01:13)
09. Noisette (01:02)
10. Technosabine (00:10)
11. Antenna (01:34)

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