Friday, April 23, 2010

Birushanah & Drain the Sky - Split

Birushanah/毘盧釈那 is an experimental sludge/doom metal band from Osaka, Japan. As well as traditional Japanese music - which is a notable aspect of their sound - the band cites Neurosis, Swans, Zeni Geva, and Corrupted (whom bassist Sougyo previously performed with) as influences.
Drain the Sky formed during September 2005, in Oakland, CA. Memphis and Bay Area hardcore/punk veterans collaborate to create visceral, atmospheric, threatening music that seeks to collapse (musical and other) boundaries.

Sorry guys I cannot give you more information about the two bands right now, but I am a bit in a hurry and just wanted to get this done while it's still freaking hot. Japanese sludge is always something good and so I'm looking forward to give this baby a spin later today. Have fun!

[ S.M.D Records / 2010 / Sludge / VBR ]

01. Anagura (18:31)
Drain the Sky
02.Even (03:45)
03.Prelude to the Pendulum Swing Back (06:55)
04.Three Winds Spread the Ashes of Our Memories (04:19)
05.Failure is An Orphan When Victory Has Many Father (03:03)

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