Friday, April 16, 2010

Alcest - Tristesse Hivernale

This demo has brilliance written all over it. If you just get over the sometimes inaudible production, you'd hear some awesome Black Metal. It's paced, the drums are in held back and they add to the rhythm only and the tremelo riffing is very catchy. I can compare them to Angantyr, who also makes underground, raw Black Metal with a melodic, 'saddening' theme.

All four tracks of this demo are very strong. The riffs vary a lot within a track. There's even a solo in the last track - La Mort Plane Sur Ces Contrées. The vocals are regular Black Metal vocals but they're very well done. No cheesiness here and no long, boring passages. Acoustic breakdowns occur on a few occsions on this album but I'm perfectly Ok with that because they're executed with a lot of perfection. Most underground Black Metallers are not much more than Darkthrone worshippers but I'm certain these guys can put the old masters to shame. This is probably some of the finest kvlt French Black Metal I've ever heard. And it's very hard to find, as well.

Overall, this is HIGHLY reccomended to anyone who possesses any interest in Black Metal.

Seems like I'm searching a little bit down in the archives tonight. This is the first release from Alcest put out on tape only back on 2001. The production, if you at least could call it a production, is very raw and so is the music. If you compare this to the first cd-r release Le Secret there are miles between the sound of Alcest. Here you get served some raw black metal - and that's as likeable as his blackened shoegaze stuff from these days. And no, the release isn't crappy it's just the "production".

[ Drakkar Productions / 2001 / Black Metal / CBR@256 ]

01. Tristesse Hivernale (03:52)
02. La Forêt De Cristal (04:39)
03. En Mémoire Aux Valeureux Guerriers (05:25)
04. La Mort Plane Sur Ces Contrées Glacées (07:34)

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