Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ramesses - Take the Curse

Bristling with malevolence, Ramesses’ crushing grooves induce a hypnotick lethargy: weighed down, beleaguered and enveloped by doom. While the percussion/guitar/bass/vokills set to work on your viscera, your head is forcibly plunged down the rabbit hole and drenched in heavy psychedelia.

Spawned in the bleak woodland of Dorset, England, this three-piece has been disfiguring the innards of its army of devoted listeners since 2003 when original Electric Wizard drummer Mark Greening and guitarist Tim Bagshaw hooked up with Adam Richardson (bass + vox), formerly of Lord of Putrefaction, Spirmyard, and Hexed. In the intervening years, Ramesses have ripped an incurable wound in the metal scene.

August 2003: within 24 hours of being holed up at London’s Fortress Studios, the band had recorded 4 tracks. Limited demo versions of ‘Ramesses II’ and ‘Master Your Demons’ were pressed on CD and vinyl in Europe and the USA. Promo videos were also produced, with the short for ‘Ramesses II’ getting multiple airplays on MTV Brasil and featuring in the Doomed Nation DVD magazine.

Legendary producer Billy Anderson re-mixed all four tracks for Ramesses’ acclaimed debut EP ‘We Will Lead You to Glorious Times’, released on This Dark Reign Records in January 2005. On the back of this, the band toured, casting a shadow across the UK and Europe and so mustering a legion of dedicated fans through their thunderous stage presence. The severity of their savagery was well documented as they received rave reviews in the major metal press as well as features in Metal Maniacs and Terrorizer. Since their inception, Ramesses have been play-listed on radio stations in over 30 countries including Total Rock, KNAC and Resonance FM.

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What was born of one half of the original Electric Wizard line up one of my most favourite doom bands was formed. Here is Ramesses newest album, enjoy!

[ Ritual Productions / 2010 / Doom / CBR@256 ]

01. Iron Crow (07:03)
02. Terrasaw (05:30)
03. Black Hash Mass (05:10)
04. Take The Curse (06:11)
05. Vinho Dos Mortos (02:36)
06. Baptism Of The Walking Dead (07:12)
07. Another Skeleton (06:01)
08. Hand Of Glory (04:07)
09. The Weakening (03:54)
10 Khali Mist (05:59)

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  1. Ramesses is a sludge/doom metal band from Dorset, England, featuring ex-members of Electric Wizard. They was formed in February 2003 by Tim Bagshaw and Mark Greening (ex-Electric Wizard) with Adam Richardson formerly of Lord of Putrefaction, Spirmyard, and Hexed.