Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Union of Sleep - Union of Sleep

Attention Sludge-heads!!!!!! I came across these guys the other day online and had to get in touch with them to get this LP to review it. Listening to it immediately brought two things to mind: Church of Misery, and Holy Shit this kicks some ASS!!!!!! If you dig really bluesy, groovy, down-tuned, “bust your balls with a Louisville slugger” style heavy hitting stoner doom, then look no further then these guys form Hagen, Germany. If the likes of Church of Misery, Cavity, 16, Weedeater, El Thule, etc. make you excited, then check this sucker out for sure. It has the right amount of blues riffs, southern boogie, gruff booze drenched vocals, and is just a hard-hitting riff fest over all. These guys are too good for me to just pass up mentioning, the link is at the bottom of the review, so check them out, it’ll only take about five minutes of your time, but you’ll be addicted I’m sure. This is essential, and I can rarely say that with absolute certainty.

I came across Union of Sleep when I went out on Sunday to see Church of Misery perform and I was packed. At first I thought (after just seeing these guys) they gonna load up some gay core shit, but when they started to play it was just an awesome sludge ride all the way home. Enjoy their first, self titled record.


[ Per Koro Records / 2009 / Sludge / CBR@320 ]

01. Dogs (03:11)
02. All Purity (03:46)
03. Mount O (05:24)
04. Hell Unfolds (03:45)
05. Let's Kill (03:52)
06. Self Funeral (04:05)
07. Children of the Earth (04:38)
08. P.H.N (05:33)


  1. Thanks for this recommendation. Like it. ;o)

  2. I saw them live to. But I was just bored as hell. Thanks for your blog anyway.