Sunday, May 2, 2010

Glaciers - And the Sea won the Battle

"First proper full length (after a super limited cd-r), of gorgeously blissed out post rock from this Bay Area ensemble. Lush and textured, rhythmic and hypnotic, slow burning and sprawling, epic and super rocking, these guys take that nineties sound we love so much and make it their own, the songs smolder and pulse, before exploding into dense roiling Godspeed / Mogwai style blowouts. Meandering prettiness, gives way to loping mathy minimalism, chiming guitars, simple spare drumming, looped melodies, a slow build to near metallic crush, the bass throbbing, the guitars tangled up in psychedelic squalls, the drums muscled and propulsive. The sound moody and minor key, cinematic and soundtracky, brooding and intense, heavy and emotional and harrowing. If you dig stuff like Mogwai, Aereogramme, Mono, Pelican, Grails, Explosions In The Sky, Magyar Posse, Red Sparowes, Snowblood, that Temporary Residence instrumental rock sound, that heavy post POST rock, well, Glaciers does it as good if not better than most of your favorites. Not sure how these guys slipped under our radar, since they're from right here in the Bay Area, but it's time to right that wrong.

There's nothing much to add about the sound and the style of the musci Glaciers are playing. I was surprised when I gave them a listen because I really felt comfortable in the sound, even if it lacks "break-out's" like you get them from Shora, Grails or Saxon Shore. Perfect music for a cloudy and rainy sunday, enjoy folks!

[ Self-Released / 2009 / Post-Rock / CBR@320 ]

01. Southern Passage (05:34)
02. Blood for the King (06:51)
03. Give my Regards to Hope and Prosperity (08:20)
04. Latitudes (06:27)
05. Twelve Miles of Fiction (08:05)
06. Providence (06:57)

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  1. From what I’ve heard, San Francisco’s Glaciers have the chops to seriously compete with the cream of the post-rock crop. Plus, their new record is one of the best deals I’ve seen lately.