Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tartar Lamb - Sixty Metonymies

Tartar Lamb is the duo of Toby Driver and Mia Matsumiya (of avant-garde rock group Kayo Dot), put together specifically to perform and record Toby’s long-form violin and electric guitar duet, “60 Metonymies,” and with the potential to move on to other pieces in the future. Tartar Lamb was augmented by the participation of Tim Byrnes (trumpet) and Andrew Greenwald (drums) of The Friendly Bears for the recording.

This self-released, full-length CD package features the title piece, a modern electroacoustic quartet exquisitely recorded by Randall Dunn (Sunn0))), Earth, Kinski, etc) and beautiful hand-painted artwork by Toby printed in a high-quality parchment insert and contained in a classy fiberboard jacket.

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If you are into this neoclassical stuff this should fit in for your needs. Four tracks with nice arrangements of the violin and trumpet along with drums and guitars. Check them out and enjoy!

[ Self-Released / 2007 / Classical/Avantgarde / VBR ]

01. Incensing the Malediction is a Lamb (11:47)
02. A Lamb in Hand's worth two in the Ewe (03:12)
03. Trumpet twine the Lamb unhyne (09:35)
04. The Lamb, the Ma'am and the holy Shim-Sham (16:38)

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