Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Omega Massif - Kalt

Omega Massif is an instrumental post-metal band from Würzburg, Germany and were formed in 2005 by Andreas Schmittfull (guitar), Michael Melchers (guitar), Boris Bilic (bass) and Christof Rath (drums). They recorded their demo “Kalt” in 2005 and began playing shows with bands like Knut, Taint and Tephra among others.

In 2007, Omega Massif released their first full-length album “Geisterstadt” (which means “Ghost Town” in German). The album weaves a tale of ancient abandoned silver mines, treks through deep mountain tunnels, and forsaken boom towns illustrated through Omega Massif’s massive instrumental post-metal. The vocaless nature of the music turns the focus on pure atmosphere, and Omega Massif deliver, layering the pulverizing repetitive metalchug with a sense of gloom and longing that becomes near-suffocating at times, but there are also lots of gorgeous ethereal melodies throughout.

(Taken from Last.fm)

Omega Massif - Kalt

(Self-Released / 2005 / Instrumental Sludge/Post-Rock / 192kbp/s)

01. Unter Null 8:05
02. Murgang 14:50
03. Eiswüste 9:28
04. Schacht 13:00


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