Saturday, May 29, 2010

Leger Des Heils - ... Über Liebe, Leben und Tod ...

Leger Des Heils takes their moniker from the Dutch Salvation Army. They are a mysterious project which is closely connected to classical music for well over a decade.

Although Leger Des Heils started off as a purely electronic project, they are including more guitars and other acoustic instruments in later recordings.

Many of the lyrics are taken from poems by renown German poets, such as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Ernst Moritz Arndt.

Founded in 2000 by Mario Ansinn, Leger Des Heils released quite a number of released, mostly on the German label Eis & Licht.

Time for some new neofolk/neoclassic stuff for you. 4 new songs of this band and some rare songs/other versions. Enjoy it.

Leger Des Heils - ... Über Liebe, Leben und Tod ...

(Eis & Licht / 2010 / Neofolk/Neoclassic / VBR2 171kbp/s)

01 Dies Ist Der Tag 4:46
02 Verbrannte Erde 4:28
03 Geweihte Einigkeit 3:58
04 Über Liebe, Leben, Tod 4:30
05 Sängerfahrt (Placatio Version) 5:07
06 The Strength Of Will (Vividus Version) 3:16
07 Wie Am Ersten Tag (Gratia Version) 4:08
08 Voran! 3:17
09 Geistesmahnung (Gloria Version) 4:00
10 Ewige Gegenwart (Instrumental) 3:33


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