Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rome - Nos Chants Perdus

ROME is a Luxembourgish dark folk/martial act founded in late 2005 as the main output for the songs of Jerome Reuter and was joined by co-producer Patrick Damiani as official member in early 2008. ROME signed to the Swedish label CMI in 2006 to release an E.P. entitled Berlin (June 2006) and the albums Nera (November 2006), Confessions d’Un Voleur d’Ames (April 2007), Masse Mensch Material (March 2008). In 2009 ROME got signed to the german label Trisol and released the EP To Die Among Strangers (May 2009) and the album Flowers From Exile (June 2009).
In their earlier work ROME mixes influences of Industrial and Post- Folk with Experimental and Electronic Pop. The traditions of (French) Chanson and (American) Folk are becoming more and more influential in their current work. In 2009 violin player Nikos Mavridis officially joined the band to further contribute to the creation of their unique sound, which they themselves refer to as Chanson Noir.

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New record from this neofolk gem coming straight outta Luxembourg. Enjoy!

[ Trisol / 2010 / Neofolk/Martial-Industrial / VBR ]

01. L'Homme Revolte (01:07)
02. Les Deracines (04:09)
03. Le Chatiment du Traitre (03:44)
04. L'Assassin (04:08)
05. Le Vertige du Vide (03:40)
06. Les Exigences de la Foi (01:57)
07. La Commune (03:12)
08. Sous la Dague (04:17)
09. Les Isles Noires (03:42)
10. Un Adieu a la Folie (03:53)
11. La Rose et la Hache (04:02)
12. Chanson de Gestes (06:02)


  1. Love the new album, took a couple of listens though!

  2. This hot new sencacional... thanks! I recommend downloading this album! Rome their beautiful music, enjoy...

  3. mediafire link no longer works :(