Thursday, May 20, 2010

Blutch - Fra Diavolo

Hey there, we are BLUTCH from Mons, Belgium. We released two demo-CDs on our own before we had two full-length albums out on Delboy records, called Enjoy Your Flight (2001) & Fra Diavolo (2003). The critics loved it, so it seems. Read all about it! The audience (the ones who didn’t know us), most of the times, didn’t know what came over them. Some were even scared shitless. Some ran away, with their hands over their ears. Ha! They said we were too heavy, too slow, too loud, too unconventional… Whatever! In our book, all those descriptions lead to good music. It was hard, but we made a steady fanbase. Mostly beyond the Belgian borders, of course. We try to tour as much as possible. We did tours with Black Cobra (USA), Knut (CH), Acid King (USA), Penthouse (UK), American Heritage (USA), Gone Bald (NL) and Sleepers (F) amongst others. Played with Queens of the Stone Age (USA), Melvins (USA), The Residents, The Young Gods (CH), Napalm Death (USA), The Dickies (USA), doa (USA), Nebula (USA), Bongzilla (USA) , Hitch (B), Millionaire (B), Amenra (B) and many like-minded musicians. We even opened up for the Sisters of Mercy. I mean, they asked us, so we did it and left 2000 scared Mercy fans shitting themselves! Oh, the smell!
So, we just released our brand new album Materia, again on Delboy and At A Loss Recordings for the USA. We’re on tour again! Love us! ha ha ha…

(Taken from

Sludge from Belgium mixed with down-tempo doom. If you don't know this three piece get ready to check them out. For all fans of bands like Loinen, Black Cobra or Amenra. But maybe a little bit weirder. Enjoy!

[ Delboy Records / 2003 / Sludge / VBR ]

01. Introitus (02:01)
02. Chromatic Thoughts (05:29)
03. Broken Breath (02:03)
04. Bound (04:28)
05. Light ass an Eliphant (01:30)
06. Orchid (13:11)
07. Into the Pinball (01:05)
08. Pedrigee (09:03)
09. A few Seconds (00:36)
10. Requiem (10:11)

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