Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kakophonus - Ater

Hailing from the dark bavarian forest, Kakophonus was formed in ca. 2002 and released some highly acclaimed and lofi underground releases on their own. It is not easy to construate a fluid band biography, due to the fact that there is little known about this black metal outfit.
They startet with orthodox black metal, nowadays their sound is forged with influences from funeral doom and even drone and dark ambient found their way into the hateful sound.
Their songs deal with predominantly martial topics, death, roman history.


Demo I Cassette (Lost), 2002
Demo II Cassette (lost), 2003
Pure War, 2005
Ater, 2007


Count K.: Bass, Drum Programming, Vocals
H. Moerser: Vocals, Lyrics, Bass

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This is true underground doomish black metal from the dark forests of bavaria. 23 minutes full of raw produced and recorded material. We bring you the album Ater. Maybe there will be more. Digg it folks!

[ Self-Released / 2007 / Black Metal / CBR ]

01. Black Frost (04:41)
02. Black Iron (01:54)
03. Black Chaos (03:52)
04. Black Blood (02:38)
05. Black Maximum (04:13)
06. Black Stone (05:42)

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