Friday, May 28, 2010

Cobalt - War Metal

Ever since their inception in the late nineties, Colorado’s (sometimes controversial) Cobalt have slowly, and slyly, made a reputation within the underground black metal scene, more or less amongst the “war metal” sphere of the scene…

Their debut album (which followed their awesome “Hammerfight” EP), aptly titled “War Metal” (released on Displeased Records) showed Cobalt’s creative prowess within the genre by offering a shape-shifting dose of war metal brutality and black metal rawness that made them one of the more unique and underrated acts within the scene.

With the band’s surging new epic, “Eater of Birds”, Cobalt are pretty much destined to set a new standard as Cobalt have taken an immense leap forward, tenfold, from their debut. But that’s just only scratching the surface…

Recorded at Flatline Audio and produced by Dave Otero (Cephalic Carnage) “Eater of Birds” not only embraces the band’s vicious take on chaotic brutal avant-garde black/war metal and blackthrash, but take things to a new artistic level in every possible manner. By incorporating the epic crushing monolithicism of Neurosis and Swans, and taking blackened war metal to new unconventional brutally warped levels, amongst ritualistic shaman-like rhythms and pulsations, through its 70-plus minute pillage, “Eater of Birds” is an unforgettable audial scourge through vast bizarre landscapes and ocean-like terrain.

And speaking of Swans, “Eater of Birds” features a guest appearance by none other than Jarboe on the tracks “Invincible Sun” and a moving appearance on “Androids, Automatons, And Nihilists”, her first official foray into extreme metal.

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We're missing some black metal here these days so I thought I'm going to put up the first album from Cobalt, some war metal never sucks! Enjoy.

[ Displeased Records / 2005 / Black Metal / CBR@320 ]

01. Hammerfight (04:44)
02. Angelfangs (06:25)
03. Raise the Hammer of War (04:56)
04. World on its Knees (04:34)
05. Summoning of Napalm Mists (05:23)
06. Lunar Warface (05:10)
07. Empire of the Moth (08:39)

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