Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Melvins - The Bride Screamed Murder

Melvins are an American band formed in Montesano, Washington in 1982. In the early days of their career their dark, heavy, oppressively slow sound made them innovators of genres like sludge, and . Melvins’ music is influenced by Flipper, Black Flag’s My War-era and Black Sabbath-style , but their idiosyncratic approach, bizarre sense of humor, and experimentation make neat categorization difficult. Singer/guitarist Buzz Osborne (aka “King Buzzo”) and drummer Dale Crover are constant members while several bass guitarists have cycled through the group. Melvins usually performed as a trio until 2006 when two members of Big Business became permanent members of the band.

The band was named after a grocery clerk at the Thriftway in Montesano, Washington where Osborne was employed. Melvin was the most-hated fellow employee and the band felt it to be an appropriate name. Like SF noisenik predecessors Flipper, their love of slow tempos and sludgy sound were a strong influence on music, especially Nirvana and many other bands from Seattle. Their protegés, however, tended to use more conventional musical structures with this sound.

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Here it is, the new album of Melvins! Enjoy it!


(Ipecac Recordings / 2010 / Sludge/Stoner/Grunge / VBR2 208 kbp/s)

01. The Water Glass (4:16)
02. Evil New War God (4:48)
03. Pig House (5:29)
04. I'll Finish You Off (4:57)
05. Electric Flower (3:27)
06. Hospital Up (5:38)
07. Inhumanity And Death (3:03)
08. My Generation (7:39)
09. P.G. x 3 (6:20)


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