Monday, May 31, 2010

Nucleus Torn - Knell

Is it probably their most enigmatic album? An answer is not important n here but the word “enigmatic” stuck into my mind by the first time I heard this for a strange and unknown reason. Probably due to the fact that every time I hear the album I discover something new. Probably due to the fact that it is obviously enigmatic to me how they have managed to bring the musical harmony between their sad, deep and emotional acoustic melodies and themes combining them with those electric breakings that are coming almost from nowhere like a storm…

And even in those breakings the music still sounds so natural and smooth but at the same time it hides an unknown wild force. From storm back to calm as the acoustic musical rivers will carry the listener far away, until the next storm. Strange the game that they play but I would be a part of it anytime.

This is the second release by this Swiss musical act. If you are aware of their 2006 debut “Nihil” you could probably form a general idea of what is to follow in here but even in that case you would find extremely difficult to form your feelings in words if you want to describe what you are hearing, yes the same is happening to me now. The fact is that there are negative feelings buried under their classical music oriented acoustic parts, feelings of sadness, sorrow and melancholy. But the question comes straight ahead: “Can we point those fallings as negative?” It depends… but this is another topic out of here… And yes there is a mysterious strength on their electric breakings thanks to the slow riffing and the esoteric electric guitar themes, bringing in my mind the most clever guitar moments of the Scandinavian post Black Metal scene. And the vocals male or female… they are putting their own trademark into the final musical piece of art…

A strange kind of whispering, esoteric and dark musical beauty: this is what it is all about. I have placed the album on my CD player at about 7 o clock in the afternoon and it is five o clock in the morning now that I am writing those lines… and its music still fills the air, it is obvious it has managed to overtake me… And you know something? This happens not quite often…

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Those who like dark music will love this album. It is covered with beautiful and depressing acoustic melodies and some outbursts you will definitely love. Enjoy it!

Nucleus Torn - Knell

(Prophecy Productions / 2008 / Avantgarde/Progressive Metal/Folk / VBR2 189 kbp/s)

01. I 8:05
02. II 14:29
03. III 29:14
04. IV 4:16



  1. I want to say thank you. I stumbled on your blog while searching for something totally unrelated to music a few days ago.
    I tried some stuff out. You have opened a whole new world to me with your sharing this information. I feel like I fell down a rabbit hole into a whole new world I never even knew existed. Again, thank you.

  2. greetins since mexico!!! well, i just wanna say, thank you, and heavy metal never die!!