Monday, May 24, 2010

The Field - Yesterday And Today

The Field is a minimal techno artist, based in Stockholm, Sweden.

His music comes from tiny loops of pop history. It might actually be an older brother to the Cologne movement Pop Ambient - the sentimental brother who is never content with being in the background, the one with the heart on his sleeve. To clarify: The Field makes dance music. The edges are soft, the mood often romantic, the sounds moving up, up from the ground. As ”minimal” as a sunset, as ”banging” as a pillow.

In 2005, Willner submitted a demo tape to the German indie label Kompakt and was subsequently signed. He released his first 12”, a demo mixtape of Norwegian singer Annie’s “Heartbeat”, as well as the track “Things Keep Falling Down”.

In 2006, “Sun & Ice” 12” was released. Later in 2007, Wilner became the first musician to take part in the Nordic Light Hotel’s “Sound of Light” concept. After staying at the hotel, Wilner used the experience as the basis for his EP of the same name. His 2007 album “From Here We Go Sublime” has met high critical acclaim.

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The Field - Yesterday and Today

(Kompakt / 2009 / Minimal Techno/Electronic / 320 kbp/s)

01. I Have the Moon, You Have the Internet 8:00
02. Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime 6:47
03. Leave It 11:34
04. Yesterday and Today 10:04
05. The More That I Do 8:32
06. Sequenced 15:41

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