Monday, May 31, 2010

Bliss - Quiet Letters

BLISS with founding members DJ Steffen Aaskoven and Marc-George Andersen, and with Alexandra (vocals) and Tchando (vocals) is an international chill out pop music collective from Denmark, Sweden and Guinea-Bissau, West Africa, Since 2001, they have become one of the true chill-out underground acts. releasing material on the Danish label, music for dreams, appearing on more than 60 compilations worldwide and in such tv shows as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

I especially like the trip hop songs on this one like "Sleep Will Come" or "Evening Sun". But in anyway this is a fantastic album with a fantastic atmosphere to zone out to. Enjoy it!

Bliss - Quiet Letters

(Music for Dreams / 2003 / Ambient/Electronic/Downtempo / 192 kbp/s)

01 Sleep Will Come 5:59
02 Breathe 4:48
03 Right Here 5:03
04 Dunia 6:51
05 Song For Olabi 6:18
06 Wish U Were There 1:51
07 Kissing 6:10
08 Evening Sun 4:20
09 Manvantara 11:12
10 Wish U Were Here 6:17
11 Don\'t Look Back 5:25
12 Quiet Letter 4:22


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