Monday, May 24, 2010

Before the Rain - ...And With the Day Dying Light

Before The Rain was first shaped in 1997 in Setúbal, Portugal, when vocalist Carlos D’Agua and guitar player Valter Cunha began to share musical ideas that ended as acoustic songs. As time passed by, the acoustic sounds weren’t enough to express the emotions and feelings unleashed by Valter and Carlos, and in 1998 they decided to seek the remaining members for the band. But it wasn’t until 2001 that a stable line-up was found: Carlos: voice; Valter: guitar; Tiago Ferreira: guitar; Andre Vasconcelos: bass; Goncalo Brito: drums.

With this line-up, the band recorded two songs in December 2001: “Be Mine” and “You … My Ruin”. This recording was entitled “…and with the day dying light”, and was never properly distributed, except for a strict number of individuals, somehow close to the band.

In August 2003 the band records a new song called “The Swansong”. At this stage, Tiago and Andre are no longer in the line-up and Hugo Santos joins the fold as new guitar player. Shortly after “The Swansong” studio session, the band parts ways with drummer Goncalo Brito. Then came long time friend and gifted bass player Pedro Daniel and drummer Goncalo Correia to complete what’s the strongest line-up to date. The band then enters studio to record what will turn out to be their debut album, entitled “One Day Less”.

The album “One Day Less” is out on July 30th 2007 through Major Label Industries

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This is the 2002 demo of this nice band. It wasn't released through a label and only some individuals got it on tape. Enjoy it. Sorry for the bad cover quality.

Before The Rain - ...And With The Day Dying Light

(n/a / 2002 / Death Doom / 152 kbp/s)

01. Be Mine 12:48
02. You... My Ruin 06:02
03. The Swansong 06:39


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