Friday, May 21, 2010

Monarch - Mer Morte

Hailing from the picturesque Northern Basque Country of France, MONARCH! unleash a slow motion avalanche of impossibly glacial, blackened sludge and hypnotic feedback, each song a series of epic tarpit riffage stretched out eternally over lumbering drums and the cavernous rumble of speaker cabinets. Over these yawning expanses of black void appears the demonic, throat-shredding shrieks and ghostly singing of Emilie, whose petite appearance belies one of the harshest throats in the underground Doom spectrum. Beyond heavy. MONARCH!’s mega-crawling ambient doom/drone/sludge follows in the grand tradition of fellow tarpit adventurers Melvins, Corrupted, Noothgrush, and Black Sabbath, and accompany their music with an iconoclastic design style that decorates their material with deceptively cute imagery drawing from the collective influence of Sanrio, Japanese animation, European graffiti, weirdo hardcore, and skateboard culture.

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Friday. Time to get some music for the long weekend. Monarch should ring a bell for the most of you, if you haven't heard from them get this two song ep full of doom, sludge and drone. Enjoy!

[ Throne Records / 2008 / Doom/Sludge / VBR ]

01. Mer (16:06)
02. Morte (17:24)

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