Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Silvester Anfang - We creep within dark Places

It's somehow appropriate that the CDr of Funeral Folk's Silvester Anfang on 'We creep within dark places' shows medieval demons being cast out. This is a demo CDr of improvised free folk. It's like the soundtrack to a witch purging horror film, tense strings and drunken brass parading with acoustic guitar and hand drums. Often though the music has a doomed beauty about it, on the second track light seems to shine on their funeral coffins through unopened windows. This may be the music of the undead, but they aspire to life. Theirs is a simple music, reduced down to the essentials where child like melodies play over stumbling rhythms. But it is effective, when they collapse into a moment of cohesive harmony, you smile.
It seems genuinely to take them by surprise, they do not know where it will go. Somehow the music is old, yellowed pages in leather bound books. It hangs in the air, like the musty smell in old libraries, familiar and not unwelcome, but out of place. This is muysic for silent films never made of the creeping uneasiness of Ambrose Bierce and Sheridan Le Fanu, masters of the gothic with their crumbling manors of romance beyond death. For the brave in heart and those who say their prayers by night, we cautiously recommend this and all Funeral Folk releases. Toxis lullabies for the buried alive......

(Taken from here)
Third strike in a row now from the evil satanic nihilists hailing from Belgium....

[ Funeral Folk / 2005 / Funeral-Folk / CBR@192 ]

01. Silvester Anfang Evokatie (02:01)
02. Man met de Bokkepoot (09:56)
03. Obscure Goat Workship (02:58)
04. Troops of Silvester (08:37)
05. De Verderfzaaier (03:01)
06. Bukkake Ritual (06:12)
07. The End of Tape (02:07)
08. Nachtschade (05:33)
09. Morbid Missions (04:55)
10. Moorderijen der Uhland (03:57)

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