Saturday, May 29, 2010

Camerata Mediolanense - Pankration

The project Camerata Mediolanense took concrete form in 1994. It gathered some friends in Milan, Italy (Mediolanense = from Mediolanum, the ancient name for Milan), who were all involved in the underground music scene. It was conceived as a real musical “camerata,” which casts a look at the Italian past and at the same time is deeply rooted in today’s European reality. In fact, the main feature of Camerata Mediolanense’s musical language is a percussive background, particularly evident during their live performances, which comes out thanks to the use of an unconventional set of instruments. In parallel, the band is researching pure melody, in part thanks to the academic studies of some of its members.

The female members of Camerata Mediolanense are performing live under the name Dame Mediolanense.

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This is my favorite album by the Italians from Camerata Mediolanense. Classical chamber music with neofolkish parts. The mixture just fits perfectly. Enjoy!

[ Twilight / 2006 / Neofolk/Classical / VBR ]
01. Salve, mundi Domine, Caesar noster, Ave (04:58)
02. L'homme arme (04:36)
03. Balcani in Fiamme (04:41)
04. Rappresentazione (06:15)
05. La magnifica Aurora (02:59)
06. La madre Cattiva (05:13)
07. Madrigale (04:22)
08. La grande Corsa (03:47)
09. Il Trionfo de Bacco e Arianna (02:54)
10. Der Tod (03:48)

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