Thursday, May 13, 2010

Silvester Anfang - Damnation on tweede Kerstdag

Silvester Anfang is the Funeral Folk collective gathered in a free folk droneband. The band started as a three-piece of Per, Edgar and Hellvete, but now the line-up depends on who’s available to record/perform. Together with Ignatius Van Kempenhof and PI666 (who now became a vulcanologist in Switzerland) Silvester Anfang started searching for a sound that might be something called Pagan Belgopsych. The compositions are mostly non-musical offertories to worship their almighty overlord Brohll, but every now and then things just work out as free psychedelic improvisations.

(Taken from

More to come, more to come.....(:

[ Funeral Folk / 2004 / Funeral Folk / CBR@320 ]

01. Damnation on tweede Kerstdag (11:08)

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